E-learning consultant with a passion for netbased, collaborative learning

I work as an e-learning consultant at the University of Southern Denmark. Here’s a quick overivew of my tasks and areas of interest:


  • Development and delivery of courses and workshops on e-learning.
  • Technical and pedagocial support of teachers via the E-learn Support Center.
  • Facilitator for the compulsory e-learning project at the Lecturer Training Programme.
  • Advice and help in the field of educational design – consultancy service concerning the planning and delivery of distance learning or blended learning courses.
  • Contributions to internal and external networks on the development of e-learning.
  • Member of the editorial team at the Danish online journal Learning and Media (LOM)
  • Peer reviews for Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education

Areas of interest

  • Collaborative, netbased learning activities
  • Student response systems
  • Feedback and formative assessment
  • ePortfolio
  • Student and teacher roles in netbased teaching and learning

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