About me

I work as an E-learning Consultant at the University of Southern Denmark. I’m especially interested in educational design of blended learning and distance learning with a particular focus on collaborative learning processes and feedback. I also design and carry out teacher training in the field of e-learning and e-learning platforms. I have published on web 2.0, the use of 3D virtual environments for teaching, teacher training and live, online teaching via web conference systems. I’m a co-editor of the Danish online journal Læring og Medier (Learning and Media).

In June 2008, I completed an online master programme on ICT and Learning offered by a network of Danish universities. The topic of my master thesis was the competence development of teachers within the field of e-learning.

I have a MA degree in English, International Studies and Communication and was employed as a teacher and in the function of technical and IT-pedagogical support at Tietgen Business College in Odense, Denmark from 1995 – 2008.



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